And you, man, make me as watchman for the house of Israel. When you hear a word from my mouth, you must warn them from me. V8 When I say to the unjust: You must die! and you do not speak to the unjust and warns him against his way, then the unjust will die because of his guilt, but his blood I will require from your hand. v9 If you warn the unjust in order to get him to turn back from his way and he did not turn back, he must die because of his guilt, but you've saved your life.
Ez 33.7 - 9
My dear friends, in Jesus Christ!
you will see in the subsequent text, I can neither write, read or speak your language, but I am totally dependent on Google's translator program. But as my Lord and Master Jesus Christ, the Son of God, has called my wife and me to serve this very serious warning about the things that will - be done very shortly, we must do it this way!
  From Paul, apostle, not from people, not released by a human, but by Jesus Christ and God the Father by him upright from the dead.
Gal 1.1
This is NOT an invitation to you to join a new religious communities. No, you must stay where you are! But it is a very strong appeal to you to follow Jesus' call to turn back before it is forsent.
After John was put in prison, Jesus came to Galilee, and preached God's gospel, and said: 'The time has come, the Kingdom of God has come near; reverse you and believe in the gospel! "
Mark 1.14 - 15
Follow Jews in Berĝas example and examine your beliefs, to see if it complies with Jesus and the Bible's words.
Now were the Jews in Berĝa more open in their attitude than those in Tessalonika. They listened with greater attention, and for days studied and examined the Scriptures to see if it really was true what Paul and Silas said.
Acts 17.11
These websites will be regularly updated with new studies and information about the impending law on Sunday holy commemoration!
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Him who is able to protect you against falls and ask you to his glory without fault and full of enthusiasm, v25 is the only God our Savior through our Lord Jesus Christ, to him be honor and majesty, power and authority before tomorrow's start now and for ever! Amen.
Jude 1.24 – 25

We are not a religious community or group. We have no church or congregation, but a married couple for over 45 years, in many ways has served the Lord, which even entertaining Evangelists in different countries. Now we are both retired and thought that we would enjoy our old age, but the Lord has thus yet another task for us to serve the last warning. Our health is not the best that my wife is now a wheelchair user and I will probably before long, so it is difficult to get a normal pension to turn to because there is also some costs of serving the last warning. We will therefore be very grateful for a cash boost from you even if you can not help us a great amount, a small amount of 10 to 20 euro will also help us. We can promise you that all the money being given to us will be used for serving the last warning and not to us personally.